Benefits Of Owning An Executive Condo

The recently developed Hundred Palms Residences EC can cater for all classes of clients. There are those who are looking for duplexes, single rooms, single family houses or apartments. But another option that this facility offers and which comes with immense benefits to those clients that have booked them are the executive condominiums that are found here.

In recent times, this particular types of shelters have become popular more especially with the urban population. The executive condos In the hundreds palm residence are relatively spacious, and they offer some more benefits that most of the ordinary properties can do.

Benefits of owning an executive condo

Higher profits

ghfghfghgfhgfhMost individuals have considered buying an EC. This is simply because it gives them the option of living in their private houses at a subsidized price. When the sale is done, executive condominium owners in the hundred palm residence will be able to sell these properties when the minimal occupation period expires. Additionally, the executive condominiums by then would have undergone full privatization. Due to this owners will be looking to increase the prices for their units hence one will make immense profits from the EC investment.


One will experience convenience if they live in their condo within the facility as opposed to living elsewhere. For instance, when one lives in a single family home, one is most likely to engage in activities like lawn care and other maintenance issues that can be time-consuming. This will not be the case if you live in a condo especially in hundred palm residence as it will be taken care of.


Like other residential units within the facility, you will enjoy high levels of safety and security. The one outstanding feature of Hundred palm residence is that the condo section is connected and offer a high level of privacy. There is also 24 hours security provided on site. With the advancement in technology, one will need special access and should go through numerous security personnel and checks to reach their destination. This ensures that there is maximum security on the premises.

Offers mingling opportunities

fgdfgdfgdfgfdWhen one lives in a condo, one always has a chance of meeting the people that are living around them. This ensures that people living in hundred palm residence feel more of one community. Through the many social amenities like swimming pools and entertainment joints that are within the residence, people get to socialize and built some togetherness. The management of hundred palm residence will most probably organize social gatherings and parties where the community can know each other well.


Even though not applicable to those who will be living in condos only, the hundred palm residence promises several types of social amenities. These are rarely found in normal rental settlements. These amenities include pools, squash and basketball courts and also workout gyms.